The lauch of The Company is new. Why? Before it was named the Performance group but this group has developed oneself over the last 10 years into a Company with dancers that have extended experience in the art of Instant Composition. With dancers that have developed their own professional career in improvisation, performance art, dance and beyond.

Artistic director Iris van Peppen has performed with The Company at art festivals and venues such as Bimhuis, Oorsprong, OT301, Moira, Culturele Zondagen, Centraal Museum, Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht Down Under, Expodium, Vuurol to name a few. Also Iris is looking for professional collaborations with organisations and artists. Regularly The Company performs with other guest artists.
Members of The Company are asked to commit to:
- weekly IC Training (best is to join both sessions on wednesdays)
- organise and join the monthly IC Practice
- 2 sessions of an hour personal  coaching Iris van Peppen for  €73,-
- creating own work/studio rehearsal for the Performance Platform

If you are interested in joining The Company please contact Iris van Peppen. By trying out one or more sessions you will be advised to either join The Company, join the Talented Trajectory or joining one of the other sessions.
Dancers joining the Company are asked to keep on developing oneself as a dancer and improviser. This development is constantly reflected within oneself, the group and the teacher. If the dancer is not able to keep up the development, the dancer can be asked to join another group or trajectory.

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht