The Instant Composition training is open for advanced and professional movers. Joining means you become a member of The Company or following the Talented Trajectory.

In this IC Training we will use all our skills and experience in improvisation and start to compose instantly. We wil work on sensory perception, somatic and BMC principles, contact improvisation and bring this into the space. We focus on how to structure and place movement in time & space, experiencing and reading a shift, the dialogue between live music and dance, reading and reflecting about the work.
When we work towards a performance we focus on the dialogue with dance and live music and it's context (venue, kind of festival etc); mostly in a structured improvisation or open improvisation.
Participants of the IC Training are expected to take part in the monthly IC Practice.
See an impression of our studio performance with live music by Ben Brown

Members of The Company and the Talented Trajectory are asked for commitment. Please check:
- The Company
- The Talented Trajectory 

Wednesday 20.30 - 22.30 o'clock
. Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3  Utrecht
€ 59,- per month  / Two sessions € 95,- per month
Talented Trajectory € 112,- per month:



Dansimprovisatie Utrecht