To join the IC Practice individuals are required to already be engaged in instant composition through regular training and workshops OR be of a professional level. If this is not the case, and some one shows a keen commitment to join, they are welcome to contact us and they will be invited to the sessions as an observer and grow their participation from there.
The direct experience of watching, witnessing and verbal reflection is an integral part of the work and important for everybody to grow in the practice, therefore can be a useful way to enter the work and develop understanding.
The monthly IC Practice continues with no leader, but with a clear format of warm-up, open scores and reflection.

Musicians are welcome to take part under supervision of Marc Nukoop, to take part they can send an email to
If you have an interest in taking part as a (new) dancer/mover please send an email to

In addition, when the IC Practice takes place we'd like to initiate a Performing Platform where people that join the ICP are welcome to present an instant composition based work, following after the ICP and a short break. Please do contact us if you like share some work.

Last saturday of the month: Oct 29 / Nov 26 / Jan 28 / Feb 25 / March 25 / April 29 / May 27 / June 24

16.30 - 19.30 € 10,-
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht