Melting Pot1

The Melting Pot1 is open to people that are yet new to this work or that are interested to dig in to the basic principles of improvisation.

This dance improvisation class will focus on contact improvisation and movement research in order to develop our bodily awareness and sensory perception. All with the intention to later dance towards a group improvisation
(instant composition).
Iris will bring focus to the power of the pelvis (hipjoints, pelvic floor, tailbone/pubic), Warming up by moving in and out of the floor, exploration work based on somatic principles and BMC and introducing contact improvisation so that we gain a better understanding of our own anatomy and fluid system.
 We will explore the potential of composition by touching our senses and the use of play!

Movers are encouraged to see the Melting Pot2 and the Company when they are performing.

Thursday 20.30 - 22.00 o'clock
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht
€ 53,- per month


Dansimprovisatie Utrecht