NEW Thursday: Melting Pot 1

NEW: Melting Pot 1 is for people with less or no experience in dance improvisation yet. And with a curiousity in dance improvisation as a performance art and the willingness to explore.

This dance improvisation class is a mixture of movement research, contact improvisation and an introduction in instant composition. Warming up by moving in and out of the floor, exploration work and introducing partnering. We will explore the potential of composition by touching our senses and the use of play.
Participants are encouraged to see the Performance group when they are performing.
The classes are taught in blocks by Marisa Grande, Kristien Sonnevijlle and Iris van Peppen.

For deepening this work it is recommendable to combine this class with the Release & Hawkins technique.

Thursday 19.30 - 21.00 o'clock
From April at HKU, Janskerkhof 4a Utrecht
Ask about the price when you start now! 
You will receive a discount when taking two or more classes

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht