With the development of the level of some of the dancers we have decided to lauch a Talented Trajectory to support and guide dancers into The Company. This by offering personal feedback, coaching and reflection.

Members of the Talented Trajectory learn by joining the IC Training together with The Company without having to perform. Each member will have a talk with Iris van Peppen to set up their vision and program for this season.
Members of the Talented Trajectory are asked to commit to:
- both sessions on Wednesdays: Improvised Release technique & IC Training season 2016-2017
- join the monthly IC Practice
- join at least 2 workshops
- volunteer during performances
- 2 times 1 hour coaching Iris van Peppen €73,-
- creating own works / studio rehearsal
Interested about this Talented Trajectory but you have questions? Feel free to contact us and try out some classes to gain a better understanding!

Wednesday 19.00 - 22.30 o' clock + 2 weekend workshops
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht
€ 112,50 per month
FULL MEMBER € 180,- per month
access to join all classes - 4 weekendworkshops - 2 coaching - studio time

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht