ELAP - Introduction workshop 1

- Pivotal for this training is movement research, exploring sensorial perception, self development and applied somatics in performance. 
- The Embodied life art program is an uncovering process unlike mainstream dance practices.
- The weight of this program is given to the ‘performative practice’ in relation to improvisation as instant composition. 
- The pedagogical approach is facilitating a context for students to be autonomous and own their own process.
- This programme is a lens through which to look at one’s growth, the dance practice is used as a way to get in contact with one’s deep nature and observe patterns in order to stimulate a dialogue between art practice and life, supporting a process of integration.  

18 November 2017 - 11:00-17:00
Introduction Workshop 1
Pelvis and Psoas
The pelvis is the main engine of our movement: the understanding of its anatomy and functions is crucial for generating and sustaining movement as well as presence. The iliopsoas muscle plays a vital role, influencing our physical and emotional body.

Initiators and Teachers: Marisa Grande and Iris van Peppen
Location: Studio 3 Utrecht
Single workshop € 60,- / all 3 workshops € 150,-
People can apply for a single workshop.

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht