“Transformation is just a membrane away.” - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

“The body system as a whole has several subsystems. However, it is essentially one system capable of transforming from one subsystem to another – from blood to interstitial fluid to lymph and back to blood again, for example. This transformation happens through membranes and cellular membranes that act as boundaries between the systems. It is at the membranes that choices are made – the choice to change from one fluid to another, from one “mind” to another. If we have difficulty in making decisions to change, then our mind is caught at the membrane; instead of an organ of transformation, the boundary can become a too-rigid and impermeable barrier between states of mind. In order to respond to  the changing demands of the environment and the task at hand, we need this flexibility of mind.” – Linda Hartley 1

An intensive for movers and musicians that wish to perform
We will focus on the moment of transition within the bloodcirculation system (capillary isorings) and see how this is related to transcendence; both in movement and in music.
The research contains running, pulsing & shaking, repetition, exhaustion, trance, exaltation; exploring the immediate impact on the perception of the participants.
For the musicians we will work on how they relate to their instrument, to the space and to the performers when sharing in this physical starting point of the bloodcirculation system.
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