Music & Dance workshop Marisa Grande - in Time we meet!

This workshop weekend is for movers, performers and musicians with a deep interest in instant composition.

The workshop focuses on how the two disciplines of dance and music can play together towards a whole, live composition.
The aim is the development of a live dialogue between the two artistic languages, by looking at their similarities and differences acknowledging a common ground. In both disciplines we train and practice the intuitive intelligence and a compositional mind to engage, receive and respond as one organic action. Both musicians and dancers will engage in the performative practice of physical and spatial awareness to further investigate Time as a place to meet and articulate a dialogue. A time dramaturgy will be explored and experienced as a ground to create; playing with pulsation, timeline and duration to generate a real time composition!
Please send a short background and motivation to join the workshop and if you are a musician please include which instrument you play.

Marisa Grande is an Italian independant artist in the field of improvisation and contemporary dance. For thirty years she has been studying, researching and integrating different aproaches and disciplines in both dance and theatre as well as creating projects across disciplines. She works as a performer, teacher, artistic director and coach. Her way of teaching is direct and empowering.

Saturday February 2 & Sunday February 3
10.30 - 17.30 / €120,-

Studio 3 Utrecht, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht


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