“Transformation is just a membrane away.” - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

An intensive for movers/performers that wish to perform
In this intensive Iris will share her research of the connective tissue and the endocrine system that was the starting point of her current performance of PULSE.
The warm up consist of hands on body work and how this influences our sensorial perception and movement material.
From this experience we will bring focus on expansion and vibration; how the body and sound are vribrating and communicating in space.
From this expanding body moving in SPACE we will include objects and sounds in our expanding environment.
Being a witness / being witnessed / reflecting is essential so we learn how to read and talk about the dance work.  This intensive is open for movers of different disciplines such as dance, mime, performance art, music.

IRIS VAN PEPPEN is a Dutch dance artist that has developed her artistic research through her teaching, performances and currently with her company Iris van Peppen I Co. Iris researches different bodily states through the practice of BMC. In her work she is aiming towards a body that goes beyong the physical body; an intuitive - poetic and transparant body.
The short performance work Pulse#1 will premiere in Utrecht Theater Kikker in September 2018. The full evening performance of Pulse#2 (working title) will premiere in March 2019 in Utrecht Theater Kikker.
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