Superhands: November 5 - Live Music & Dance

DIU will have an exchange with the Danish Music & Dance collective Superhands with a 1 day workshop and a LAB/performance.
The LAB is on november 6: a performance for kids and parents at FORT B, please come! Superhands consist of 4 musicians and 2 dancers.
More about Superhands

1) Presence
By working on a mind state called readiness, we want to reach together a “space of possibilities” – a space where everything could happen.
2)    Interaction and Communication
Working on strategies of communication to be used in the research and during the improvisation, in order to overcome and/or include the different backgrounds, traditions and understandings. This includes also a research on improvisation structures.
3)    Music &Dance
We put a specific focus in these two art forms, asking the following questions:
-   What does it mean to try to communicate between two art forms?
-   What does it mean to take, give and share space?

Studio 2, Balkstraat 31 in Utrecht
10.30 - 17.30 o'clock, € 65,-

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht